Motorcycle Battery Box for BMW R45 R65 R80 R100

The B Box are  designed to be mounted under the gearbox for a sleek and stylish look. Available in black powder-coated or polished steel, this battery box is made in Italy and offers a clear view through the frame triangle, giving your BMW a wiry and modern appearance.

Our Battery Box for BMW Motorcycle

Design match functionality

Laser cut from stainless steel and tig welded in Italy, this battery box is not only visually appealing but also extremely lightweight, helping to lower the center of gravity for improved handling. It is specifically designed to accommodate the lithium-ion batteries HTX 14 or LTM 18, both of which are suitable for all BMW R65 R75 R80 R90 R100 models.

Why mount a battery box

With a weight of only 1000g or 1200g, depending on the battery chosen, this battery box offers a weight saving of more than 10 kg. Additionally, the batteries have a low self-discharge rate of only 5 percent per month, making them a reliable and long-lasting choice.

Important note

Please note that the battery box can only be mounted if there is no exhaust under the gearbox, such as a connecting pipe or pre-silencer. This is typically the case with a 2-2 exhaust system, which we offer for all BMW 2-Valve models.

Plug and ride

Installation is made easy by utilizing the original plus cable for our conversion. Simply route the cable from the starter through the upper engine cover, through the exhaust filter box (or alternative starter hood), and along the rear of the transmission to the "underengine battery box".
Upgrade your BMW with the Battery Box for BMW R45 R65 R80 R100 and enjoy the benefits of a lightweight, stylish, and high-performance battery solution.