EX-Motorcycle Paralever Arm Adjustment

Take your chassis tuning to the next level with the EX-Motorcycle Paralever Arm Adjustment. This adjustable torque arm allows you to fine-tune the ride height of your BMW R9T, while simultaneously transforming its handling characteristics. With this innovative and easy-to-use system, you can effortlessly customize your bike’s performance to suit your riding style.

By adjusting the ride height, you can transform your motorcycle into a nimble curve bandit or a solid and stable highway tourer. Raising the rear end steepens the steering angle, resulting in sharper and more responsive handling. On the other hand, lowering the rear end reduces twitchiness and enhances stability, making it ideal for long-distance cruising. Additionally, riders seeking to lower their seat height will find that this part can make a noticeable difference. The EX-Motorcycle Paralever Arm Adjustment features an easy-to-operate crew system, patented and exclusively designed by EX-Motorcycle. With an adjustment range of 20mm, you can choose from three settings: - Tall (+10mm): Maximum steering response with a steepened steering angle. - Middle (0mm): Original length, maintaining the motorcycle's height. - Low (-10mm): Maximum tracking stability with a relaxed steering angle. Replacing the original stamped steel strut, this torque arm not only enhances the functionality of the unique ParaLever system but also adds a high-tech and elegant appearance to your BMW R9T. Precision-machined from solid aluminum, the torque arm features a titanium anodized finish, complemented by a blue anodized adjustment eccentric and a laser-engraved serial number. This racing part is proudly made in Italy.